A Mother’s Day Journal – No More Cards!

A Mother’s Day Journal – No More Cards!


Having a one-time journal instead of having to shop for a Mother’s Day card annually is such a charm. Not only does it save money but the sentimental thought and creativity evolved around the dads, child(s) and the mom creates an even more special memory. To sit together and open the journal and bond over the drawn or written image are memories that can never be erased.

Each year Dads would spend time with their children by opening up the journal picked out specially for Mom and help the child create a lasting memory for Mom to read. This is a brilliant idea as it helps with the efforts of going green, enables more bonding time and initiative with the dads and children, and all the memories are kept in one place. Even if the child is too young to comprehend the idea, Dads can create a message for the baby to give to their wives.

Sometimes adults are so busy in their responsibilities that creativity is not often ongoing and this adorable idea allows for the creative side or kid side of us to explore them all over again. I am sure that this idea from Baby GizmoMom’s Best Friend is beyond brilliant. I am so glad her mother-in-law introduced this idea. In this journal a mom can also see the growth of her child as the years progress and I am sure it will warm every mom’s heart. Sometimes in life, the most simplest and thoughtful gift goes the furthest. What are your family’s tradition for Mother’s Day?

It's time to get creative and start a Mother's Day Journal!

It’s time to get creative and start a Mother’s Day Journal!


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