August Trader Joe’s Haul!!

August Trader Joe’s Haul!!


Trader Joe’s always has some fun foods to try and a wide selection of items to taste when craving for the sweet, crunchy, chewy, and salty. Some of these items below I have tried before and while some of the other items were new to me. I thought I share with you my small adventure in trying out or eating these foods again!! If you have any Trader Joe’s favorites please share with me on which ones they are or how you have mixed and match one food with another food to create your mastery dish!!



My all time favorite are the Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches. Totally delicious and totally worth it! Calories may not be the best but it definitely suites the crunchy, milky, sweet and chewy goodness all in one bite.

All of the Cereal Bars: Blueberry, Strawberry and Apple are great on-the-go snacks. I feel that they are very sweet but do give a satisfying flavor.

Crunchy oats and honey granola bars: Definitely a great snack to throw in your gym bag or your purse. It is a quick snack with two bars of granola bars in each package. It gives a smooth and sweet taste of honey while having the added hard crunch in the initial bite off the bar.

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Butter Cookies. My first time trying them but to be honest, my Sweet & Salty Rolo Ritz Crackers tasted a lot better. This cookie was great for the chewy, salty, and sweet mixture. Same as the Sweet & Salty Rolo Ritz Crackers I have made in my previous blog. This batch of cookies from Trader Joe’s are great to toss in your mouth. Tasty but in my opinion, the cracker portion of the cookie lacks a little more umph. Perhaps some more butter on the cookie would taste even better. The caramel portion of this cookie is also very yummy and pulls out as you bite into it. A great gift to give if you are unable to make your own.


Mac ‘n Cheese. This quick dish is great to heat up in your microwave or even your toaster oven. It is definitely tasty and I like it!! The dish a great portion size for one person. It gives enough satisfaction especially if you are eating on the run or want a snack but not enough to fill you for your dinner. I like the creaminess it gives and it tastes natural unlike some other mac ‘n cheese product mixes that taste unreal. Definitely a re-buy in the future.

Chicken and Cheese Tamales and Beef Tamales. Great snack but not enough to fill you up if you are a medium to large eater. I feel that these Tamales when microwaving them turn hard quick, naturally microwaving and having corn makes the taste a little hard to enjoy. However, the flavors are great and worth buying for a quick eat.


Trader Joe’s Gummy Bears. All natural juices in the bears with light sweetness and flavor. My favorite is the pineapple flavored Gummy Bear. The Gummy Bears give enough satisfaction when craving sweets and provide a better portion control because I can choose how many bears to eat. Oh boy, that sounds bad, eating bears!!! I also feel that when my sugar level feels low, these Gummy Bears also gives me that slight boost. Great for your purse and for traveling.


Granola and Berries. Great taste and flavor to throw into your yogurts like the Fage Total 2% and any spreads or cream cheese to spread over your breads. Or even a snack to toss into your mouth for that added satisfaction of feeling like you want to munch on something but haven’t figured it out yet.


The Fage Total 2% is a Low Fat All Natural Greek Yogurt. Delicious but sour. Again, this batch of yogurt does not have the added sugars like most yogurts on the market. This yogurt is great to add your own berries, jam to give the flavor and color and your own granola mixture to give yourself a healthy boost in calories, nutrients and live cultures.


I absolutely am addicted to this Aloe Vera Drink. I feel that it is a healthier alternative to sodas and sugary juices. It has a subtle grape juice in the drink and it also has gentle aloe pulp mixed in. A refreshing drink to enjoy when it’s hot or during your late night craving for sweets.

In Conclusion:

With all the items pictured, the bill came out to be $42.84. Again, all prices and taxes will vary from one state and county from another. If I had only $15 to spend at Trader Joe’s and wanted the best of everything, I would choose one bottle of the Aloe Vera Drink ($1.99/bottle), one container of Mac ‘n Cheese ($2.99/box), one package of Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches ($3.99) and one pack of Gummy Bears ($1.99). What would you pick from the list or what would you buy if you only had $15 to spend at Trader Joe’s?

All of these great products are available through Trader Joe's right now!

All of these great products are available through Trader Joe’s right now!

The Chicken Tamales are so delicious!!mmmmm!!

The Chicken Tamales are so delicious!!mmmmm!!

This Fage 2% yogurt is very good tasting!

This Fage 2% yogurt is very good tasting!


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