Boudin Sourdough San Francisco Sourdough City by the Bay Gift in a Tote

Boudin Sourdough San Francisco Sourdough City by the Bay Gift in a Tote


Boudin San Francisco Sourdough is an all time classic original since 1849. With the quality and taste of their sourdough, it’s quite hard for any other sourdough bread to live up to the standards of Boudin. Their bread has a crunchy and hard outer shell that is great for bread bowls and a soft center that is easy for spreading butter and dipping into your soups. With the constant quality and standards Boudin has carried throughout the years, who wouldn’t want Boudin bread at their dinner table?

In the image below, we received a City by the Bay Gift in a Tote. To my surprise the gift was perfect. The packaging of all the items was perfectly organized and well packed with ice packs to keep the perishables cold. The amount of bread was perfect for a small size family like our own and included were fun goodies to accompany our bread. Also, there was a reusable shopping tote!! I absolutely love reusable tote bags, as it contributes efforts to go green and it’s from Boudin! I love visiting San Francisco and it’s so much fun to visit their bakery location at the Pier. If any of you have not visited the area, be sure to visit the area and check out Boudin and Ghirardelli Square!

Goodies in the City by the Bay Gift:

1- 1lb Sourdough Long Loaf

1- 1lb Sourdough Round Loaf

1- 10oz Columbus Italian Dry Salami

1- 7oz Columbus Prosciutto Mozzarella Roll

1- 8oz Sonoma Jack Cheese Wedge

1- 5oz Ghirardelli Asst. Chocolates Box

1- Boudin Signature Reusable Shopping Tote

Boudin San Francisco Gift Basket

Boudin San Francisco Gift Basket

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