Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

The purpose of Designing Bee dot com is to entertain, educate and to hopefully inspire you. I enjoy coming up with household ideas, crafts, baking, and do it yourself projects that will help you in your life and may even lead you to improve upon those ideas to help others.

Running a website and blog is definitely not an easy undertaking. There are many costs that go into a site, such as domain fees, hosting costs on a monthly basis and the costs of investing the time to update this site and develop and share new content. The way that I help to support this site and to keep it going and growing is by serving advertisements. In many cases, Designing Bee dot com earns a very small fee when our users interact with ads or offers located within this site.

The one thing that I cherish the most over money however, is your trust. The advertisements contained on my site are products and services that I feel would be of value to my readers and could be of benefit.

If for any reason you have questions related to the advertisements on this blog, please feel free and welcome to contact me via e-mail @ adesigningbee@gmail.com

Thank you!!!