DIY – Make An Adorable Baby Burp Cloth

DIY – Make An Adorable Baby Burp Cloth

If you are like me, wanting to save money but sometimes realizing that we need to make the initial investment before the investment is returned, then you are in the right place. Over the course of this last year, I have been following Money Saving Mom and other Mommy blogs and have received wonderful information on tips and tricks to make each dollar stretch. Low and behold, I decided to make my own burp cloths. Plus making my own burp cloths allows me to make use of the contoured shape even more than just a burp cloth for a baby. The contour shape of the cloth is even great to place on your shoulders while cleaning and fits nicely on your shoulders and it’s a great way to stretch your dollars instead of using paper towels that add up over time as opposed to a towel you can reuse over again.

I came across this awesome website, So Sew Easy by Deby where she showed a very easy, adorable and cute diy in sewing your own baby burp cloths. Not only does she show you how to make one, but she also provides a template for you to make your own. How nice of her to share this pattern!! With the pattern, I made the two copies and cut the two shapes out, glued the two pieces accordingly and tacked them on a manila folder to make a stiffer template. Low and behold, I was able to achieve this quick and fun Baby Burp Cloth.

Enjoy this project because you can also use them for other endless activities. Wipe up anything, soak and wash. Repeat and you will have yourself a great cloth that is one-of-a-kind and a distinguishable one if you are designating these beautifully shaped cloths for a specific activity.

Please share with me what you think of this nifty burp cloth and what other style burp cloths you like or prefer.

Happy Sewing!!

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