DIY No Sew Pumpkin Craft

DIY No Sew Pumpkin Craft

Can you believe that the Halloween and Thanksgiving Season is literally just around the corner?? My, this year has gone by fast!!

Here is a cute DIY-A No Sew Pumpkin. Grab a couple materials to make your pumpkin. If you have extra fabric in your house or an old shirt you are comfortable using to make the outer shell of the pumpkin then you got it! Also, if you have any other old clothing or Fiber Fil, you can also use additional clothing pieces to stuff the inner layer to make the shape.


2 Hair Ties.

One fabric piece for one pumpkin (My piece was 18’x18”).

Yarn (2 colors of your choice to coordinate your fabric).

A yarn needle threader.


Old clothing to stuffed up inside or a Polyester Fiber Fil.

Here we go!

Here is another DIY project you may like, a FREE PRINTABLE : Joy Pumpkin Worksheet

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