Duck Duck Duck Florentijn Hofman!!

Duck Duck Duck Florentijn Hofman!!

In school we are taught so many things to help us grow and develop our skills. Well, I am sure that in school everyone has played at least once if not many times the game, Duck Duck Goose right?! Well if you ever liked the game or hated it, well this HUGE Florentijn Hofman will give you your Duck Duck Goose fix. This enormous and ridiculously cute Rubber Duck measures at 61 feet, 11 tons and about 85 feet wide and roughly 110 feet long, quoted by Craig Samborski, the spokesperson for the Festival of Tall Ships that took place over the weekend here in the beautiful Long Beach, California area.

The adventure of visiting the rubber duck was very delightful as this Hofman duck is not your ordinary duck you buy to place in your bathtub to enjoy while soaking in your bubble bath. I find this duck to be an adorable and unique one because this duck does not look ferocious, it looks pleasantly sweet and caring and the placement and shape of the mouth, round head and adorable eyes creates a loving duck that is happy to travel around the world!! Then again, who wouldn’t be happy to have the opportunity to travel around the world and be in the background of many pictures of people taking selfies, group photos or even modeling for you while sitting so nicely in the waters anchored down by the boats!!

Admission ranges from $7 to $350 per person. However, since the visit of the Florentijn Hofman duck was such a hit and if you were unable to make it to the festival you may still have a chance to see this amazing piece of art as the schedule of the duck has been extended, yay!!

Long Beach always provides such great community festive activities to bring families and friends together and to enjoy such wonders and memories that no one can every replace. Visit this beautiful sculpture and you will be happy to say you made it to see this duck created by the wonderful Dutch Artist Florentijn Hofman. Hope you can make it out to see it!


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  1. Thank you for a great event L.A. and thanks for the shout out

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