Free Download: Joy Pumpkin Worksheet by Designing Bee

Free Download: Joy Pumpkin Worksheet by Designing Bee

A Free Downloadable Template! Just in time for Halloween Activities.

Designing Bee, created a pumpkin for you to share with your class and/or personal use. I hope you will find this template adorable and useful. I wanted to create a template that gave off a positive vibe for the fall season and to have a fun start for the season as we are coming out of the hot summer. This pumpkin worksheet is an inspiration to incorporate the smiles of the new season with fall leaves and pumpkin picking, carving and/or decorating. The smile on this pumpkin was designed to encourage the joys of life, to embrace each and every new beginning and the new chapter in our lives. A new season is near and so are the new chapters in life right? Well, let us start off the fall season with joy as we soak in all the fall color with hues of orange, red, brown and yellow. With this FREE template, there are endless activities you can do. Here are some of my thoughts. Please share with me on other fun activities you can do with this pumpkin worksheet. Make photo copies of this template:

  1. Children will practice their fine motor skills in coloring the small and large details on the pumpkin using colored pencils, markers and/or crayons.
  2. Children can tear fall colored (red, brown, yellow and/or orange) construction paper and glue down the ripped pieces of paper onto the pumpkin to encourage fine motor skills and their interpretation of a pumpkin.
  3. Use them as place mats. Have a child color their own pumpkin and laminate the pumpkin worksheet to place them on the table according to where they are assigned to sit at the table to eat. Not only does it encourage creative exploration in the coloring, but also adds a fun backdrop behind their place setting while the children are eating. The placemat is reusable until the next season or until the Christmas/winter season.
  4. Obtain plain watercolor paper and photocopy the image onto the watercolor paper and use watercolor brushes and paint to create a painted watercolor pumpkin design.
  5. Draw various solid and curved lines within the pumpkin to resemble puzzle pieces and have the child practice cutting on the lines drawn inside the pumpkin to create his/her own pumpkin puzzle.

Enjoy your child’s masterpiece!!

To Download PDF, simply right-click the link below and choose save link as and then press save!

JoyPumpkinWorksheet By DesigningBee Dot Com

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