Halloween Finds at Goodwill

Halloween Finds at Goodwill

I found some great Halloween Finds at Goodwill the other day!

If you’re like me and love shopping for great deals, while making the most of each hard earned dollar, then Goodwill is the right place. Goodwill is especially awesome if you’re on a tight budget! Many of the items and products are new or in good condition. They have an especially large section of children and adult Halloween costumes and a large variety of Halloween home décor items.

I like to periodically stop at local thrift stores and Goodwill locations in my area. Often times there are deals and items you cannot pass up, while there are other items I will have to say, “Maybe next time.” In this case, if you are near any of the Goodwill locations and do not mind shopping at any of their locations from time to time, you may want to check out their Halloween collections that range anywhere from home décor items to halloween costumes. They often times have a huge Halloween section.

As a family, we do not celebrate halloween (though I did go trick-or-treating as a kid at department stores) but wearing a costume and enjoying the fun game activities at our church’s Harvest Festival and fellowshipping with one another is definitely a treat! At that point, having a costume or something cute and appropriate to wear for the festivities makes sense right?!

What I truly got out of my visit to the Goodwill was their assortment of home décor items. Granted, every store will have varying costumes and items for the fall season. However, it is worth a shot to stop by and check out their inventory.

Other great stores to shop for your diy costumes on a budget are: Dollar Tree, Target, Thrift Stores, our own closets, Kmart, Walmart, Craigslist and your local drugstore locations that have varying items where you can mix and match to create your look for the evening. What will you be for Halloween? What will you wear for your churchs’ Harvest Festival?

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