Hand-Pulled Noodles at Frank’s Noodle House in Portland – Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives!

Hand-Pulled Noodles at Frank’s Noodle House in Portland – Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives!

Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives once visited Frank’s Noodle House in Portland, Oregon in October 2013 and showcased this amazing restaurant in Season 18, Episode 5. As you step into the restaurant you will hear beautiful zither music playing in the house and smell the delicious smelling and tasting food as you see others dining in the home. Yes, this restaurant is in a house. With dining both in the upstairs and downstairs of the house. The food portions are perfect and the fresh vegetables and hand torn noodles are the best.

I must admit, I have had so many hand-torn noodles elsewhere (in soup or dry noodles) and the noodles here are by far the best texture, taste, and chew. The chew is not too soft and not too tough. Just the right balance and their noodles are freshly made. Not only will you enjoy their noodles but they also have delicious dumplings, korean dishes and fried rice. On our visit to Frank’s Noodle House we ordered off of their lunch menu and enjoyed their Shrimp Fried Rice and Beef Handmade Noodles. In addition to the noodle and rice dish, we also had a complimentary option to choose between a Hot and Sour Soup or an Egg Flour Soup. Boy was the Egg Flour Soup delicious!!! We also enjoyed their small servings of Daikon and Kimchi that also came with our meal and was at our table as soon as we were seated.

We loved the environment, as it was cozy and clean. Each chair in their dining hall were covered with tennis balls hugging the bottom of each chair leg protecting their beautiful hardwood floor. The staff were very friendly and also made great recommendations before ordering. The waitresses were also dressed in beautiful Chinese attire as well.

If you are able to visit the Portland Metro Area in Oregon, this restaurant is located in the Loyd District and is not too far from the Lan Su Chinese Garden also in the Portland Metro Area. We visited the garden and left the garden with so much peace and were hungry for some good food. Low and behold, Frank’s Noodle House was not too far by car, I wouldn’t walk it unless you aren’t in a hurry. Having an adventure touring the garden and then dining in Frank’s Noodle House was beyond a treat and such a relaxing and cultural day. It was a perfect combination, Chinese Garden and Frank’s Noodle House.

Don’t forget to order the amount of spicy you prefer in their handmade noodle dish as you will fall in love with it!! Also check out their Facebook Page and their Website and get your tummy growling for really good food at a great price!! Also, try making your own handmade Hand Pulled Pan Fried Noodles and click on the link to view the recipe.

Check out the episode over at Frank’s Noodle House


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