How Can We Find What We Need Quick?

How Can We Find What We Need Quick?


So, how Can We Find What We Need Quick? The answer? Organization.

Here are some ideas on how to organize a closet full of miscellaneous items or shelves where toiletries are thrown in at your hallway closet like mine. I for one LOVE LOVE my P-touch label maker purchased in-store from Costco. On Costco’s website, the model I have is not shown but on Amazon, the model is $32.95. I picked up my Brother P-touch at Costco because it was a great deal with a variety of print size labels included. Amazon has a great deal on it as well.

Below are photos that show the difference of how efficient the P-touch can be in organizing your belongings. I had a hard time seeing and finding the items I needed and went out to the store not realizing that I already had the item at home and bought a duplicate of something I didn’t need yet. I love to find ways to make things easier in a busy world like we live in today and find ways to save money! I also like the P-touch labels because they are easy to put on, peel off, and though they are easy to peel off, I haven’t had any fall off on items I have labeled. Though this machine is a small investment, it is worth every penny!

In the photos, I used various empty containers I had lying around in the house to organize the toiletries sitting on the shelf. On another photo, it shows another option were you can purchase the same style see-through containers with lids of your choice where you can easily label and re-use all the time. They will stack well and utilizes space even better.

Here you can see the difference from a non-organized shelf from another with the help of my P-touch! Enjoy and I hope this is an inspiration for you.


Before picture of my cabinet

Before picture of my cabinet. Before photo
Getting items placed in order

Getting items placed in order. In progress

Placing toiletries in containers for organizing

Placing toiletries in containers for organizing. In progress

Toiletries in containers and labeled

Toiletries in containers and labeled. After photo

Storage containers clearly labeled

Storage containers clearly labeled. After Photo

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