How To Create Your Very Own Wall Calendar!

How To Create Your Very Own Wall Calendar!


We have entered February and Valentine’s Day is less than eleven days away!! Adding some more festive home décor, and helpful tips to our busy schedules was the key focus of how to create this custom wall calendar.

Often times, it is hard to keep track of everything especially if you have a family, multiple jobs, and/or keeping up with events throughout the month. This specific calendar is made just for February 2014.

If you want to create a calendar for each month to have a different theme, then the initial template would need 42 squares. This way you can use the same calendar template for the whole year. This will allow you to collectively have 12 calendars in your collection to periodically change them out. It’s really easy to do. Cut out 42 squares and orient them onto you background template. Another option would be to have your favorite color, for instance purple, and have various shades of purple with 42 squares and have one calendar throughout the year, and changing the month days of the week and date according to the time of year with a Sharpie or Expo Marker.

Well let’s begin!

Following are the steps I used to achieve my very own February 2014 inspired Valentine’s Day Wall Calendar!

custom february valentines day wall calendar materials

These are the materials that were used to create our custom calendar.


  • (1) – 22”x28” Poster Board (Dollar Tree)
  • (3) – Sheets of Scrapbooking Paper (12×12)
  • (1) -Set of Paint Color Swatches of your choice from your local hardware store
  • (1) – Pencil
  • (1)- Eraser
  • (1) – Black sheet of Scrapbooking Paper
  • (1)- 12” Ruler
  • (1) – Paper Cutter
  • (1)- Set of Expo or Sharpie Markers
  • (1) – Scotch Permanent Glue Stick
  • (1) – Gorilla Super Glue
  • (1) – Pack of Table Scatter Valentine’s Hearts (Dollar Tree)
  • (1) – Pack of Foam Sticker hearts (Dollar Tree)
  • (1) – Picture Frame of your choice. (The frame used in this example is a 16”x20” Threshold frame from Target)
  • (1) – Glue Dots adhesive

 Steps in Creating your Calendar:

  1. Size down the poster board to the appropriate size of the frame.
  2. Choose out a style(s) of Scrapbooking Paper that speaks to you. I had two 12”x12” sheets and needed an extra sheet to cover the remaining portion of the poster board, so I photocopied the scrapbooking paper in color from my printer and sized the photocopied sheet accordingly. The poster board is used as a skeleton to hold all your material together. Scrapbooking paper is optional and using a poster board of your choice would work just the same.
  3. Select paint swatch samples from your local hardware store and cut them to size.
  4. Use a Paper Cutter to size down the swatches to fit your needs. The swatches used in this frame are 1.75”x1.75.” Once the swatches are cut out and the squares are rounded with your puncher (Optional to round your corners), number the back of each paint swatch to help keep your color swatches in order and as you like them to be. Also, the number on the back represents the date of that month.
  5. Create the name of your month with black Cardstock or paper choice. The letters were cut by my Silhuoette Cameo cutter. Tracing out the letters and cutting them is also an option, or if you have another machine to cut out letters, that would work too. Glue down the letters once the location is determined on your board.
  6. Place the 12” Ruler on the Scrapbooking Paper/Poster Board laying it across to use it as an alignment gage as you are glueing down your swatches with a glue stick to keep them straight across your board.
  7. Almost done! From there, add any seasonal and/or meaningful embellishments around your calendar to make your calendar POP!
  8. To number your calendar, use a Sharpie and/or Expo Marker to mark those special events in the month. The dates and days of the month can be written directly onto the paint swatch cut-outs or can be enhanced on the glass provided with the frame when it is hung on the wall. The glass of the frame can also be left off to reduce any glare from the beauty of your calendar!

I hope this project was fun as it was fun for me! This is a unique way to mark all of your events making it fun, seasonal, and decorative in your home and/or office. This calendar will bring out the personality in you and adds color and life to our busy schedules!!

used glue dots to attach craft paper for background

Used Glue Dots behind scrap booking paper to adhere onto the poster board.

Used Glue Dots to adhere the scrap-booking paper to the backing paper
Used Glue Dots to adhere the scrap-booking paper to the backing paper


background craft paper for custom february wall calendar

This is the craft paper we are using for our custom calendar.


Measured and oriented the calendar day squares along the background paper

Measured and oriented the calendar day squares along the background paper


Placed the scrap-booking paper inside our picture frame for fit up

Placed the scrap-booking paper inside our picture frame for fit up


Completion of our custom February wall decor calendar

Completion of our custom February 2014 wall decor calendar


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