How To Make A Cute Button Heart Canvas Art Decoration

How To Make A Cute Button Heart Canvas Art Decoration


In this post I am going to take you step by step on how to make a cute Valentine’s Day Button Heart Canvas Decoration. So let’s dive right in to the materials that we are going to use for this project.



valentine's day canvas heart art materials used

The materials used to create our Valentine’s Day Canvas Heart Art Design.

  • (1) 5”x7” Stretched Canvas (1pc) by Artist Series Archival Quality
  • (1) 3” Foam Brush by Loew Cornell
  • (1) Super Glue by Gorilla Incredibly Strong 100% Tough
  • (1) Ivory Colored Acrylic Paint by Craft Essentials
  • (1) Neon Pink Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint by FolkArt
  • (1) 0.7 Pencil by Bic
  • (1) One pack of Pink assorted buttons (404) by Favorite Findings
  • (1) Heart from The Kiss Layered Accents (K&C Company)
  • (1) Glue Gun (Optional, can take the place of the Gorilla Super Glue)

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and adding some “love” décor sounded perfect and fun! I purchased all the material from Target and/or JoAnn. If you have any materials at home, fill free to use them and also visit your local craft store for more supplies (some of the materials listed, may not show up online and may vary store to store)!


With the Canvas, I used the 3” foam brush (dry), squeezed some of the Ivory paint onto the angled-edge tip of the brush and swiped on thin brush strokes throughout the entire canvas. Painting the top of the canvas and side edges. The back part of the canvas is not painted. Fill free to paint the back as well if you like (That would increase more drying time from the top of the canvas and bottom of the canvas). From there, I used the same foam brush without washing the brush, I applied the pink glitter paint onto the same edge of the brush as you did with the ivory paint and top stroked the canvas covering the already painted canvas, covering a thin layer of glitter over the ivory color. Let dry for roughly 15 minutes before moving onto the next step. Wash brush in warm soapy water, squeeze out water and lay flat to dry.


Take a pencil and sketch out a heart that speaks to you. Some prefer slender hearts, chubby hearts, and/or equally distributed round edges on the heart to make it perfect! Remember any heart is always pretty!! From there, place your Kiss Layered Accent heart onto the canvas to where you’re satisfied with the placement.


Now the buttons! Start glueing down the buttons using the Gorilla Super Glue or your glue gun and place buttons throughout the perimeter and inside of the heart! Voila! Your heart is done and let set to dry!!


I hope this small project was fun and festive for a gift or to place in your home!! Happy Valentine’s Day! How do you share your love to those around you?

valentine's day canvas art piece step 1

Step 1: Painting canvas background and sketching the outline of our main heart on canvas.

valentines day canvas heart art

Step 2: Adding cutout paper heart design to our canvas.

valentines day canvas heart art

Step 3: Start glueing buttons onto the canvas using glue.

valentines day canvas heart art

Step 4: Rinse and repeat until you have filled in the entire heart with buttons.

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