Joy-Fall Memory Game by Designing Bee

Joy-Fall Memory Game by Designing Bee

Here is a fun DIY!! Joy-Fall Memory Game was an inspired project because I wanted a multi-purpose game that was budget friendly, creative and incorporated two games in one. The idea came to mind when I wanted to welcome in the Fall and Autumn season and create a cute game that is portable in my bag to take along with me and play a small game at a dining table when dining out with kids.

This game provides a chance for children to match colors and/or images to the according card, develops social skills and bonding with an adult and/or child and keeps children actively learning such as when dining at a restaurant and not having to twiddle their fingers and toes.  Two great games in one to welcome the fall season!


  1. Colored card stock or paint color swatch cards that have a good heavy weight (thickness) on them or cardboard to glue on the paper to make the cards.
  2. Fall and/or Halloween image cutouts for the cards.
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Silhouette Cameo (Optional)


  1. Identify the colors you want to use for the memory cards (reds, browns, yellows, green and/or orange). You will need two of each color.
  2. Cut the paper to size and lay out all the colors facing up.
  3. Grab the first colored card and pair the card to an opposing color and repeat until you have used up every card.
  4. Glue each card back to back having each colored side facing outward for the game.
  5. Match each matching color to make a pair of cards. Lay them out on the table to see each pair of matching colored cards.  Keep in mind that the opposing side of all the cards will not match the other side of the card.
  6. Once you have each pair matched up with the correct color, turn them upside down, lay them facing up and glue each random image on the opposing colored side. Do not glue an image to the sides of the cards that have a matching color.  My images were cut out from the Silhouette Cameo. Find any images you like and have the Cameo cut them out for you. Or draw images onto the card.
  7. Optional: Color the images.
  8. Now that all the images are glued down, you will have varying background colors for each imaged card.

We have now created two games in one!! How awesome is that?! You are able to play a Memory game with a child to match colors from one card to the next (with the image sides of the cards facing up) or you can flip up the matching colors with the images facing down, scatter the colors on the table and the child can match one picture image to the next.

This is a quick and easy portable JoyFall Memory Game we have created all on our own with a fraction of the cost! Create as many paired cards as you wish with the size cards of your choice, make the game as fun and meaningful as you like. You will be able to make a Memory game that teaches a variety of subjects you feel would benefit the child. This card game would also make great gifts that are fun and handmade, Creations from the Heart!!

Optional Ideas to create your own JoyFall Memory Card Game:

  1. Create an image on one card and the noun of that image in a word so that the child can learn how to spell and relate the image to the word. Example: A picture of a Ball on the first card and the second card would have the word spelled out, ball.
  2. Want to focus on verbs? Create cards that show a display of action. Example: Create one card with a child making the bed. The second card spells out, make bed. With this being said, the cards can also be made for adjectives too.
  3. Practicing numbers are also a good start too for a young child. Create cards with numbers and the correct number of images to match the image(s) with the number.

Enjoy this fun idea and share with me what you would do with your Memory game. What images would you include on your cards?

Have fun and let the games begin!!


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