Make This DIY Stacked Pumpkin Mustache Trio

Make This DIY Stacked Pumpkin Mustache Trio

I am so very excited on how these three pumpkins turned out!! It was definitely a goal this year to create a stacked pumpkin trio. I LOVE how the eyes and mustaches finished off to create this cute autumn décor! I must say, having my local nursery sell any sized pumpkin for 99 cents was a deal and if it wasn’t for them, this project may not have happened! I am so thankful my auntie told me about the sale.

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So you may wonder, how did I get these babies to stack so well and stay still? Well, my awesome husband had a drill motor available for us to use and we purchased a dowel rod at Walmart and drilled holes into the pumpkin and inserted the dowel through the pumpkin to give it a skeletal structure to stay standing.

It was definitely fun to decorate these cuties! I first traced out the design of the mustache and outlined the design with a Sharpie. Used some black paint and let dry. The eyes on the pumpkins were free-handed with some white and black paint. If you don’t have any paint, a Sharpie of the colors you choose will also work. Paint of course will complete the job quicker and have a darker fill in the design.

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Ready to see the unveiling steps of my pumpkins? I hope you can make some stacked pumpkins soon and enjoy it for the season! Please share with me on how you achieved your pumpkin decorating this year!

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