My Homemade Pho Recipe and Greatest Pho Challenge!

My Homemade Pho Recipe and Greatest Pho Challenge!

Who doesn’t love pho?! Cold season is underway and so are the cravings for the hot hot soups or comfort foods that are soothing to our bodies right? Well, my husband and I were craving for some Pho and dined at a local restaurant and somehow, the idea of making our own pho was worth the exploration!

Low and behold, we did it!! We made our batch of Pho with the help of Viet World Kitchen and the smell of Pho was permeating throughout our house. If you have not eaten Pho, it is a Vietnamese Soup noodle with a beef broth base filled with rice noodles, basil, bean sprouts and slices of rare or well-cooked beef. Every inch of our bodies felt so satisfied when we sipped on the soup of our homemade Pho.

Check out the Fung Bros. and their Greatest Pho Challenge Video. They love Pho just as much as I do!

I must say though, that eating out Pho is probably slightly cheaper or about the same price as opposed to making your own Pho. However, the idea of making your own Pho is more exciting as you fulfill the ever so excitement of learning how to make your own and make it from home with ingredients you know you added into the recipe. Well, I must say, the broth tasted really good and smelled correct for the recipe. It was worth our trip to the store to purchase Beef bones for soup to make this recipe happen. To view the recipe, click the link above and you will have to give it a shot!

Tell me what your experience was in making your own Pho. Was it worth it? How did you like it? I do admit that making the Pho was a lot of work and time but it always feels so satisfying to learn and try something new right? Enjoy the Pho!

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