Sewing 101: How to Iron Your Seems

Sewing 101: How to Iron Your Seems


I began my sewing ventures attending a sewing class at my local JoAnn’s Fabric and Craft Store. My first item I made was a Hello Kitty Pillow! I would have never thought that sewing would be so much and a great outlet for me! I furthered my knowledge in sewing little by little as I began to sew and quilt with a couple friends to benefit Project Linus! Here is a tip that my friend showed me on how to iron my seems. There is no right or wrong way to iron the seams down, however, identifying a pattern and which fabrics are the dark and light patterns in your project will ease your way into ironing the flaps down.

First things first, sew your seams, iron down the seams to set the seams into the fabric. From there, when you begin to have your project done like this one that I am working on, I create a pattern of where my seams will go. In the images, I have a brown polka dot pattern and a white background with owls and flowers. Iron down the flap of the fabric in the direction of the polka dot fabric so that the flap of the seam allowance is laying down on the brown fabric. Not to say you are unable to iron the fabric to be on the owl fabric, but the crease would show more when placed underneath the white fabric. Sometimes, depending on the project, you may need to iron some flaps under lighter fabric, which is okay too, but ironing down flaps underneath darker material eases the project to have a smoother look.

Our Two styles of fabric

polka dot fabric with owl fabric

A nice ironed seem


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