Target Savings You Won’t Want to Miss!! Black Friday 2014

Target Savings You Won’t Want to Miss!! Black Friday 2014

Target Savings You Won’t Want to Miss!!

How do you shop for your household? Are you a coupon queen/king or would you rather shop without coupon-ing? Or are you in between? I must say that keeping aware of deals and how to get some great buys are a plus. I know that for some instances, coupon-ing does take that extra step before checking out at the store or before leaving your house because of printing off coupons before you run out to the store.

I will admit, I am not a coupon queen but I am also not one to shop without deals. I suppose there is a balance for everything. As time goes on, I do realize that shopping the best deal possible is always a joy and reward when I know that I have saved a little here and a little there, but it REALLY does add up with all the savings overtime. Now, you ask me, do I actually calculate all my savings over a year’s worth of spending? Well, unfortunately, that is where I fall short. Have any of you calculated your savings by adding up “the amount saved” at the bottom of your receipt to see your year’s worth of spending? If so, how much have you saved?

I love to save while shopping and I know that I am a stickler when it comes to getting my reusable bag refund of 5 to 6 cents per bag depending on the store. I have yet to figure out all the stores near me or the stores I shop at who would honor the reusable bag fund. I know that Target honors 5 cents per reusable bag you use in the store while checking out. Although I have noticed that some cashier reps will literally stuff all of my purchases into one bag without thinking what I have to only give me the 5 cents off. What a bummer and I bring in multiple bags to also not smash some of the items I have lol.

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I myself love shopping at Target because their products and items are great and with the deals that they have they do give good finds if you are looking for them. I know that when it comes around the seasonal décor, I hop on over to the store and see what items I like to keep in mind to buy the day or two after the holiday/season is over. Over time, the seasonal décor becomes a collection for every holiday. Really, that is where I really get the bang for my buck when it comes to the seasonal/holiday décor. Sometimes finding clothes in their Women’s Clearance section is a hit and miss. Although, I have scored $3 tops that were cute and I LOVE them. Who can’t beat that and it is a NEW top?! In that case it is way better than Goodwill or a local thrift store. With toiletries to electronics to children’s toys, I must say that there are deals, but as a family, we are not big on technology but know that if there is something out there that we want, we will be sure to shop the deal before making a purchase. Plus around this Christmas season, Target will do price matching from Amazon to honor the prices for toys and there are 50% off toys during the holiday.

Don’t forget to get a Cartwheel app. It really does help on those savings.

If you have not heard about The Krazy Coupon Lady, you may love to watch their video below. They share great tips on the ins and outs of Target and how you can save while you shop!! If there are any other tips that you have, please share with us!! Whether it is shopping at Target or any store or even your coupon tips, please comment below with what has worked for your or did not work for you while shopping with or without coupons.

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Enjoy the video!

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