Vitamix – Pros and Cons: Smoothies vs. Juicing

Vitamix – Pros and Cons: Smoothies vs. Juicing


As a lover of healthy dieting consisting of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, I for one have used both methods, juicing and smoothies. I personally once owned an Omega Juicer. A great sturdy model that truly separates the pulp and the juice. Great machine but many parts to wash. Not discouraging, but the truth of the amount of parts and the speed of the machine juicing the fruits and veggies was and is something for one to consider. I enjoyed the machine, although I ventured into smoothies to get the full amount of worth with all my veggies and fruits. Having every bit of the veggie and fruits was more of my concern as I felt guilty throwing away perfectly good pulp when juicing, inadvertently making me feel that I was throwing money away. While making the big purchase of a Vitamix even though it was an investment in itself, I felt that the nutrients were engulfed in my drink as opposed to the juicing.


In the article from Eating Well, Health Benefits of Juicing vs. Smoothies

by Brierley Wright, it talks about the pros and cons of juicing vs. smoothies. In the article, it discloses the benefits of making smoothies while being mindful of the caloric intake due to the ingredients thrown into the blender. She has explained that the benefits of making smoothies have a higher nutritional value as it locks in more calcium and vitamin c especially when using dairy products. Also, keeping in mind that if ice cream is thrown into the blender with the fruits, at that moment, it no longer becomes a smoothie, but rather, it is a milk shake. When making smoothies, it is also important to consider our ingredients as some of them could have an increased sugar intake as well. Though this article encourages smoothies vs. juicing, the end result is what you are comfortable doing and what the goal is in our diet.


As a former owner of the Omega Juicer and a current owner of the Vitamix, I am happy with my Vitamix and was also a happy owner of the Omega, but have diverted to the smoothie lifestyle instead. As always, there are pros and cons to every machine, and there are machines that we all cater to more than the other. I hope that with the busy lifestyles we all hold, we will remember to live healthy and be mindful of consuming our daily dosages of essential vitamins and minerals. Happy juicing or smoothing!



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